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General Idea S/S11

This South Korean Fashion Week show focused on the colour red, paint splatter and scribble prints on a dozen ponchos

General Idea injected a bit of colour and graphic prints into Seoul Fashion Week by showing a collection of sporty and loud casual wear. With elements of the classic M65 jacket as foundation for his outerwear, designer Bum Suk Choi focused the colour palette on red, while giving many other pieces life by adding paint splatter. Also baseball jackets impressed, and no one else in Korea master the art of check shirts as well as Mr Choi.

Casual blazers in light blue were accompanied by rope belts and flap caps, and ripped denim trousers looked better than it sounds. The biggest visual draw was General Idea’s scribble print that came out on clothes as well as bags. In a slight overkill these two prints were then combined on some pieces. Hammering home the shape and form of his Spring / Summer collection, Choi ended the show with an army of models in ponchos, bearing the just mentioned prints.

Dazed Digital: What was the main theme of the collection?
General Idea: It was all about slow and bringing it back to basic. Fashion is too fast these days, I wanted to slow it down.

DD: It was quite sporty… Is that how you see the brand?
General Idea: Yeah, I love streetwear!

DD: Tell us about the prints…
General Idea: It’s just what I have written down, my notes and ideas that I transferred into a print and made a part of the collection…

DD: Do you have a favourite piece from the show?
General Idea: All the red clothes and the ponchos at the end with all the written prints…