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House of Organza Returns

Frieze was celebrated at Dalston Hotel with the launch of 'Adorn', a collective gold exhibition inspired by Elizabeth I

House of Organza returned this season with a new project titled 'Adorn'. As usual, a team of hand picked creatives were commissioned to design and make bespoke pieces according to a brief set by organisers Kim Howells and Lyall Hakaraia.This time around the designers included Piers Atkinson, Fred Butler, Judy Blame, Lyall Hakaraia, Craig Lawrence, Pins London and DR NOKI, and inspiration came from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and the folk lore of the time that any lady in the Elizabethan court would be dressed in no less than 1000 pins. This, along with the fact that wearing gold was reserved for Elizabeth and her family, only set a stronger brief for the team. Each creative was given their share of 1000 gold dress pins and 10 gold hats pins, which they were able to mix with any other gold materials to make a body adornment. These pieces were then shot for a short film, directed by Jez Tozer and starring Jourdan Dunn. This film along with the pieces made, and a performance by Jonny Woo, made up the 'Adorn' exhibition which launched Frieze at the Dalston Hotel.

Film by Zaiba Jabbar