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Diesel Be Stupid: Noah and His Ark

The denim brand embark on their most ambitious event yet with a £50K competition and an epic piggy-back race

After an onslaught of stupid ideas for their £50K competition, the winning entry for Diesel's Be Stupid campaign sees its next stage: implementation. Winner Abi will see her stupid suggestion of rebuilding Noah's Ark to epic proportions - filled with hundreds of Diesel fans - come real. Over 300 people paired up in Kigu animals (costumes going two-by-two) will be needed to complete the Guinness World Record-breaking piggy-back race event in London this week. Pre-register online and go down to your closest Diesel store (Covent Garden or Carnaby St) to collect your Free Race Kit. Winners will get to keep their Kigu costumes and the first 300 runners will be invited to the Diesel Ark After Party, as designed by the winner Abi and featuring animals from her imagination...

The event will take place this Saturday 6th November 2010 at 2.30PM at Allen Gardens E1