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Inner Strength: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Film

Photographer Kevin Amato explains the casting process behind the shoot and interviews the 'Inner Strength' models

In the current Dazed issue, New York-based photographer Kevin Amato and stylist Tracey Nicholson hand picked a few models found wandering the Bronx or queueing for Manhattan night spots. The result is the exciting fashion shoot 'Inner Strength'. Here, Amato explains how and where all models were selected, and we show a brief film from the shoot day where Kevin chats to Chris, Eban and Keith.

"I do most go-sees out of my flat in the Bronx. As for casting, I find people through my website, stomping the pavement and friends looking out for me. Keith is with Request models and live in my hood. His eyes are crazy! I first shot him a few years ago. He's developed tremendously. Eban was via David Armstrong, I wanted to see a bit of his darker side. He's a west coast dude, real laid back and chilled out. Chris Winter was found at Webster Hall [a NYC nightclub] like two days before the shoot. George Brown called me 10 mins later - this dude is a diamond in the rough! I was excited that it was his first shoot ever, too. He clocked in the second I picked up my camera, he was crazy natural. We had dope chemistry on set..."

Film by Courtney Moore

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