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Lou Dalton Womenswear S/S11

Nomadic lifestyle influences led to an elegant collection of earthly colours and patchwork pieces

TextKin WooPhotographyRobin Sinha

After a lush romantic A/W10 collection that paid tribute to Fair Isle knits, Lou Dalton’s S/S11 presentation was a more subdued affair. A sense of travel and fascination with different cultures has been a common thread running through the S/S11 season and for Dalton, she was inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of Romany people. There was something of the crumpled yet refined elegance of Lanvin in the relaxed silhouettes and deceptively casual layering. Dalton’s impeccable craftsmanship and passion for quality is indisputable and her latest collection boasted a vaguely ethnic print that enlivened proceedings and gave her artisitc fashion a raw edge.


Dazed Digital: What was the research process for the collection?

Lou Dalton: I’ve got a fascination with rags to riches. I was also inspired by Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff – coming from nothing and moving his way through. There was a little bit of the traveller, picking things up along the way with a nomadic lifestyle.


DD: As a woman designing menswear – is it personal for you?

Lou Dalton: My DNA is purely menswear. I worked for a tailor from the age of 16 and for me it was the only thing I knew. I don’t know about personal touches – I just know I have a very masculine outlook on menswear and fashion in general.


DD: And if you were to sum up an emotion running through the collection, what would that be?

Lou Dalton: I think a magpie, eclectic mix but done with a refined taste and eye for detail.