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Ethan James in Slow Sun

Fumi Nagasaka's new film follows model Ethan James as he wanders along an eerie coastline

New York-based photographer and sometime Dazed contributor Fumi Nagasaka presents her new short film titled "Slow Sun". Featuring the male model-of-the-moment Ethan James from Ford, we also speak to him for some insight into his hectic life. The film is a collaboration with Samuel Kklovenhoof from Led Er Est, where Kklovenhoof has specially created an acoustic song for the soundtrack to the film.

Dazed Digital: How old are you?
Ethan James: 20

DD: Where are you from?
Ethan James: I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan. My view of home has changed a lot over the past two years living in NY. When I moved to NY I left hating everything about my home town and growing up. Stepping away from it made me realize where I came from. Now when i visit home my feeling about it has totally changed. My attitude towards home was always so negative and now i feel so refreshed.. I love where I come from and am finally stoked about it.

DD: Where do you live in NY? What do you like about the city?

Ethan James: I live in China Town loving everything about it. To me NY is the best place for young kids to try and  accomplish their goals. Its made me open my mind to different things and opportunities which have made me push for more in life.. I love it because its a place where you can be who you are and the opportunity here is crazy.  I love connecting with different types of people and getting to truly know them for who they are.

DD: How did you become a model?

Ethan James: I was scouted by an agency in Detroit when i was 16. Soon  after I was brought to ny where I met with ford and signed.

DD: What do you do when you have day off?

Ethan James: I like to catch up with friends...been really obsessed with grabbing coffee. I also sometimes just walk around the the city to clear my head.

DD: I heard that you are into photography. What kind of photography?
Ethan James: Ever since I was 13 I wanted to be a fashion photographer. When modelling was introduced to me it made me realise that it was basically free school. When ever I work I'm always trying to pay attention to what's going on. Also I am really into National Geographic. I dream to one day maybe shoot for them.

DD: What is your plan for this Fall?
Ethan James: I'm going to be overseas for a bit so I'm hoping to meet a lot of new people and experience more. I also would just love to be able to spend more time with my family. 

Film/Edit by Fumi Nagasaka
Styling by Christian Stroble (all clothes by Burberry)
Hair by Sarah Spratt
Music by Samuel Kklovenhoof
Model Ethan James at Ford