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Christopher Raeburn S/S11 Film

The British mens and womenswear designer presents his new film for the upcoming S/S11 collection of plastic macs

Drawing inspiration from the 1920s camouflage grading that was used on battleships to confuse the enemy through vivid colours and patterns, Christopher Ræburn presents a range of meticulously crafted and ethically intelligent jackets, bombers, parkas and windcheaters for his Spring ⁄ Summer 2010 menswear collection. 

Winning this season's NEWGEN sponsorship for both his men's and women's collection, Raeburn continues his experimentation with conceptual camouflage, creating three contrasting sub-ranges within the collection: Nylon Parachute, Cotton Showerproof and Limited Edition Patchwork Military. The ranges are completed by an accessory collection including caps, swag bags, and a satchel created from their off-cuts. 

Within the Limited Edition Patchwork Military range is the Tyvek Parka, constructed from original Swedish digital snow camouflage layered over neon orange parachute material, the beige cotton Inuit coat featuring a blue, three-colour printed lining constructed from original 1960s military wear, and additionally, the lightweight Swedish snow parka and grey Schneetarn bomber have been deconstructed and remade in Ræburn’s East London studio.