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Alexis Mabille for Pyrenex Premium

The luxe sports label gets reworked by creative director Alexis Mabille

Last week saw the UK debut of creative director Alexis Mabille take on the new collection for Pyrenex Premium with jewel block colours and daring new shapes. Applying the current cape shape with the classic bomber jacket materials, the French designer Mabille has successfully reworked the sports brand's classic jackets into unrecognisable new wonders. A violet-coloured trapeze shape coat is the highlight, alongside luxurious shiny black puffer jackets in elegant shapes and avant-garde structures.

Dazed Digital: What were the inspirations behind the new collection?

Alexis Mabille: The inspiration is all about comfort, sweetness and dynamic happiness, strong colours mixed with military khaki, and 'soleil levant' manga designs with sequins and shiny effects. The most fanciful pieces are clearly for young and sophisticated women who don't want to lose their shape even in a down jacket. So it is a lot about the fit - slimmer and more respectful of the body. 

DD: How close do you feel your own label is compared to the Pyrenex ethos?

Alexis Mabille: My spirit is in the label but I really wanted to create a strong recognisable signature for Pyrenex's own fashion line. So my happy attitude is there but the range is very much inspired by Pyrenex way of life which is a very happy label.

DD: How did you source your materials for the new line?

Alexis Mabille: Everywhere... Japan, Italy, France. The concept is to forget the idea of using solely classic materials which gives us the opportunity to use a broad variety of unconventional fabrics but creating  down jackets from them. The resulting garments are fresh and quirky, and versatile enough to wear from the morning to the end of the night, you could even wear one to a gala.

DD: Any favourite pieces?

Alexis Mabille: I love the quilted sun design... and the khaki bombers...

DD: What's next from you?

Alexis Mabille: A lot... Already working on the new Pyrenex collection... I have my show for the first time in the Ready-to -Wear Paris Fashion Week in two weeks so it's a bit crazy and then I have my Mens and Couture shows.