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Michael Kors S/S11

A fresh summer look focused on linen pieces mixed in with heavy knits and a grand finale of draped silk dresses

Michael Kors is an all-American designer in a slightly more subtle way then, say, Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren. His aesthetic is larger than life, but it is portrayed as an atmospheric feeling rather than through famous staple pieces connected to a certain style. Saying that though, there were plenty of trench coats around at Kors’ Wednesday morning show. So maybe he’s got a signature look anyway? They came, rather surprisingly, often in thick leather, but coloured in a light and pleasant tan brown shade.

Starting out all white, Kors quickly moved onto a bright and light colour palette, including green, yellow and fuchsia. The fresh summer look was underlined by linen pieces and a grand finale of draped silk dresses. But there was an odd sense of winter, rather than summer, lingering. Except for the trench coats, there were quite a few heavy knits around. Nevertheless, Kors did a stellar job.

Dazed Digital: Where did you get inspiration?
Michael Kors:
It was all about my homes; my garden in New York, my house on the beach on a sunny and relaxed day, but glamorous at the same time!

DD: You used quite a lot of leather…
Michael Kors:
The beach can be boiling during the day and really cold at night. And the clothes are perfect for the city with a pair of boots and jeans.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Michael Kors: The double-faced leather trench coat – it’s something you can wear for 25-30 years…