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Victoria Beckham Womenswear S/S11

In a celebration of women, the relatively new designer shows a surprisingly self-aware and honest presentation.

There seems to be a trend brewing in New York this week. Scrap the ambitious, over the top, celebrity driven catwalk showcases the city is known for.

On Sunday morning Victoria Beckham (and that same evening Tom Ford) decided instead to have a small, private and perhaps most notoriously luxurious presentation in a Park Avenue town house for her second showing of the namesake line.

She sat front row and center (as she would have at any other show) and talked the guests through every look. The important thing to note here is how nice it all was, from the setting to the fact that the designer (and one with star wattage for that) was amongst everyone else talking, and rounding up at the dresses themselves.

She said this season was all about women, and the celebrating of them. There was nothing groundbreaking but then again this isn't the place to hunt for such an adjective. She knows this better than perhaps the rest of us. Explaining where the shoes came from she confessed her bronze Rolex was the direct source of inspiration (upon inspection they matched exactly) and cited Range Rover as a reference for one particular exit as she is "now working for them".

This sweet honesty and self awareness is what made the presentation so refreshing and enjoyable.

To accompany the garments she launches her first collection of handbags done by british accessory queen Katie Hillier (of Marc Jacobs fame), a modest lady-like selection of square handbags in different leathers and ranging from the small to the oversized ("... For David" and "...big enough to put your tracksuit in when travelling").

Text by Max Ortega