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E. Tautz Postcard Project

The Savile Row tailors are going old-school with the pen and paper

In attempt to revive the age-old practice of sending and receiving postcards, E. Tautz are inspiring us to write and engage via physical and tangible correspondence once more. Filling old school tin trunks with letters and cards, E. Tautz are inviting friends to put their ideas on a postcard and send them to 9 Savile Row. The best (and perhaps the worst) will appear on ‘the wall’, available for all to see online, where readers can sign up to find out who sent what and what has inspired them. The postcards will be handmade and will feature quotations, short anecdotes, biographical notes, illustrations and simple tips. To get the ball rolling E. Tautz have asked a couple of dozen of the best writers and commentators on matters of men’s life and style to created postcards for the collection, kicking off the project with contributions from writers from the FT, GQ, Esquire, Monocle, The Evening Standard, The New York Times, Details, US Esquire and many others. 

The address is E. Tautz, 9 Savile Row, London, W1S 3PF if you, too, want to get involved...