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Iceberg Menswear S/S11

Knitwear in grey, and sometimes blue dominated an aptly named Iceberg show

Paolo Gerani’s Spring Summer collection on Tuesday morning took a grey approach to life. Not that it was boring, more a subtle and wearable take on an everyday wardrobe. Grey, and sometimes blue, were the main players on a field dominated by knitwear. Scarfs and tops were stripy and blazers came in a delightful check. A light grey biker jacket impressed, but the dotted cable knitwear was Gerani’s most distinguished piece.
Dazed Digital: What inspired you?
Paolo Gerani: The idea of a young guy who is dropped into his father’s wardrobe and wants to change, cut and stitch it. I wanted to interpret the classic pieces, like your father’s jacket, trousers ands shirts, from his point of view.
DD: Was that duct tape I saw attached to several pieces?
Paolo Gerani: Yes, I wanted to use the language of younger guys and in that case the tape represents it.
DD: Favourite piece in the show?
Paolo Gerani: For me, the knitwear pieces are the coolest, so my favourite will have to be the Prince of Wales knitwear jacket…