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Aesop Cares For APC

The luxe chemists formulate the solution to take care of fabrics for French label APC in a new way

Aesop have started their collaboration with A.P.C. to finalise development of a fabric wash specially developed for fragile clothing. An unexpected move into clothing cleanser is the result of the desire for Aesop Director Dennis Paphitis and A.P.C. Founder and Designer Jean Touitou to work together. Since Aesop is known for our superior cleansing formulations, and A.P.C. crafts beautifully made clothing for men and women, a fabric wash was the ideal project.

The Fine Fabric Care is a cleanser designed specifically for handwashing delicate garments. Formulated by Aesop chemists, it contains extracts of Pettigrain, Lemon and Cedarwood. Fine Fabric Care is made with the quality ingredients and customary care Aesop uses when making skin, hair and body products.

Fine Fabric Care will be available through A.P.C. and select Aesop signature stores in Australia, Europe and Asia mid-2010.