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Enjoy the Silence!

Behind the scenes footage of the Depeche Mode obsessive Granzow family

For our April music issue, we ventured into the remote village of Hirschendorf in Germany to meet a family of devout Depeche Mode fans. After watching the documentary ‘The Posters Came from the Walls’ by Jeremy Deller and Nicholas Abrahams (all about Depeche Mode fans from all over the world), we were especially intrigued by the Granzow family. The dad Ronnie, mum Claudia and sons Dave and David are all completely mad for Depeche Mode but also really lovely. One of the family’s favourite hobbies is to recreate classic Depeche Mode videos and their costumier mum Claudia makes the outfits for the whole family, after hours studying the details on the original videos.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from our two-day shoot in the very snowy Hirschendorf, and a special screening of one of the family’s own productions- their unique take on ‘Enjoy the Silence’. In the original video directed by Anton Corbijn, Dave Gahan is dressed as a king wandering around the countryside with a deck-chair on a quest for a quiet place. The Granzows act out the video complete with king costume and mini-king costume for son Dave, who yes was named after Dave Gahan. Not only do we love their recreations of our favourite videos but we love that they are a unique family of fans- something that makes us feel all warm inside. We had a wonderful time dressing up and shooting the family in their village. Depeche Mode have always been a part of the Granzows' lives since Ronnie met Claudia when they were at school- we find their story inspiring and cant wait for little Dave’s album!