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John Galliano Womenswear A/W10

The nomadic tribes travel on to an imaginary Middle East.

PhotographyMorgan O'Donovan

Edward Said, author of Orientalism would probably have a field day with John Galliano's A/W 10-11 collection which was  about a "tribe of adventuring nomads" and ran its course through lands vaguely in the Middle East, touching on parts of Asia as well. Specific ethnic origins are of course not really relevant when you're faced with exaggerated silhouettes, heavy with fur, textures, brocades, embellishment and everything Galliano does best. These are explorers seeped in glitz (glitter was sprayed upwards from the catwalk) and they travel with feathered hats, dropped waisted dresses with ballooning skirts and furry sleeves. When they stop travelling and perhaps have a party along the way in a bedouin tent, they're wearing frou frou chiffon dresses, encrusted and embroidered to the max with feathers splaying out at every given opportunity. Voluminous tiers, long lengths and a more is more attitude is Galliano's defiance against the current fashion tide.

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