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Gaspard Yurkievich Womenswear A/W10

Yurkievich does playground chic for grown-ups.

Unlilke most designers who provided a range of full fur coats, Yurkievich’s nod to winter was limited to fur sleeves on a trench or a simple streak of grey or burnt gold astrakhan running the length of a vest. A playful collection that featured circular prints set on tangerine, grass green or black backgrounds and splashed across the fabric of jumpsuits, long-sleeved blouses and swinging dresses. Accessories had their share of attention, as bi-colour patent shoes in colourways of caramel, tobacco and hot pink drew the eye southwards and smokey eyes were given a citrus kick with orange-powered eyebrows. A large fox fur feather dangled from a  single ear, exposed by a 50s quiff was reminiscent of the those sported by boys in Grease.

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