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Florian's Animalia

The jewellery designer gives life to his new collection with a live performance.

We got glimpses of Florian's Animalia collection as a model welded giant curved horns on his hands at the Fashion East Menswear installations back in London. On Wednesday night though in the JTM Gallery in Paris. In three rooms, Florian Ladstaetter curated an installation where people would interact with jewellery and accompanying props in different ways resulting in an installation that isn't justabout showcasing the jewellery but also communicates the spirit of the collection. We spoke to the Austrian jewellery designer to find out more.

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to present your collection in this way, using performance and a series of acts?
Florian Ladstaetter: I think jewellery is quite often underestimated and I wanted to make much more of it here. I really love it when jewellery is worn and used in a very easy way. I love that on one hand but I think, on the other hand I wanted to show that there are much deeper atmospheres, a strong network of imagination and that is what I wanted to show in this performance.

DD: The collection is called Animalia, what were you exploring physically with the pieces of jewellery?
Florian Ladstaetter: I am fascinated by the topic of animal. It is such a strong partner to the life of humans. People have always used animals as a material for clothes and jewellery also but this is only one side, the using, hunting and eating. The other side of animal is the animal inside all of us and this is what I wanted to explore in the performance, so people recognise that this is a part of themselves. On a deep, philosophical level I feel that it's just not right to attempt to be the opposite of animal as human as we are all animals. This is what I want to celebrate here, it is not a bad part of us but something great.