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Photography by Benoit Soualle

Harry Halim Womenswear A/W10

The Indonesian-born designer presents in Paris for the first time.

We're tracking the emergence of new names on this season's Paris Fashion Week and Harry Halim is one of them. Born in Jakarta, Halim has shown previously in Singapore and has won numerous awards in Asia. He recently relocated to Paris to take it to the next level and with his collection of deconstructed sheepskin jackets, riveted skirts and dresses with an urban edge and metallic weave-pattern knits, there are definitely signs of a young statement designer coming onto the scene.

Dazed Digital: What did you want to convey with your first collection in Paris?
Harry Halim: I definitely wanted to bring something new. Nowadays most designers can be quite dependent on trends but I wanted to create my own trends.

DD: In terms of visual references, were you looking at anything in particular?
Harry Halim: I tend not to be driven by specific inspiratons but you can see that the look is very modern and urban but done in a new way.

DD: What techniques and fabrications did you explore?
Harry Halim: A lot of handiwork, especially with the hand knits. As for fabric there is a lot of leather, silk, velvet and wool.

DD: What do you think the Harry Halim signature is and how would you describe it?
Harry Halim: I can definitely say that is something that is very dark inside.

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