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Versace Womenswear A/W10

Motor to the max at the biker-fuelled Versace show.

From last season's unctuously beautiful prints that evoked goddesses, Donatella Versace decided to toughen and harden up. Fashion may be paring down but Versace is of course going to do it in the only way the house deems acceptable. From the starting point of the moto jacket, it started off with tailored coats, jackets and skirts where panels were cut diagonally, ribbed for textural effect and zippers cut in to create varying proportions. These were pared with slashed turtlenecks and shiny metallic leather skirts. There was a defiant strut to everything that came out and even as the edges started to melt and the clothes descended into the high-octane eveningwear that Versace does best, the attitude was still all there in the silver ring and draped fringe mini dress and the thigh high slit gowns with mirrored tile straps lacing the back. The metallic leather panes and ribbed panels held the strands of daywear and eveningwear together and for the grand finale a mirrored acrylic box was raised to reveal this last portion of undeniably motor-powered dresses.

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