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Photography by Alex Sainsbury

Peter Pilotto Womenswear A/W10

Who knew 70s interiors would make their way successfully into a Peter Pilotto collection?

Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos have gone from stargazing to epic landscape exploring and now unexpectedly, they turn to retrograding. 70s interiors as well as Woody Allen's film by the same name informed the collection but it takes eyes like those of Pilotto and de Vos to pick out minute details from chintzy materials, dissect them and wrap them up with their own design language that is not, contrary to belief, just restricted to beautiful outwardly prints. Their approach towards 70s interiors and aesthetics is that of an intrepid explorer, seeing things that nobody else would pick up; "We were just excited to explore! We keep on exploring. We look at the things in the same way as we did look at the mercury or the butterflies. It is definitely a continuation for us. " explains Pilotto.

So what did this bout of home investigation result in? Harris tweed shaped into sleek dresses, fur collared jackets and coats, cross sectioned with other fabrics all in a muted palette that were derived from the tweed itself. "We looked at the tweed and saw millions of colours inside the wool and wanted to add to it somehow." Dresses were feats of mix and match, not seen in previous collections which contrasted their prints of a distorted Liberty paisley ("Same with the Liberty print, we were so excited by the layers of flowers and we just wanted to push that too") and mercury splashes that were then echoed in the reflective silver leather that seemed to flow through the collection as a binding force. It was these clever additions as well as a shot of bright orange that pulled their twisted shapes together with the home-inspired elements together into cohesion.

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