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Meadham Kirchoff Womenswear A/W10

Don't box Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff into one niche.

TextSusie LauPhotographyKasia Bobula

The inklings of the evolution of Meadham Kirchoff's style was already present last season when dresses became more and more destroyed as well as elements such as hardened glitter t-shirts. The Topshop venue was decked out bedouin style and as the veiled women dragging long lace dresses, wearing embroidered sequinned cardis, floral dresses and hand-painted leather jackets came out, there was an audible collective gasp in the room. This was a woman playing dress-up, collecting, curating and throwing herself into a hot pot of tactile and bedazzled fabrics. The duo quite rightly express that they shouldn't be boxed into one specific aesthetic after only a few collections and this will mark a turning point where we're thinking anything is possible and we just hope that a dressing up chest of eclectic proportions will be involved next time round.

Dazed Digital: Was this collection about a girl dressing up?
Edward Meadham: It wasn't about a child playing dress but a woman playing dress up but there were definite elements of infantalization.

DD: Was it also about a cultural melting pot?
Edward Meadham: We were totally influenced by different eras, different cultures and we wanted it to be a mixture of many things where this woman has spent her life travelling and collecting objects that are interesting or beautiful.

DD: Was there a conscious decision to move away from previous seasons?
Benjamin Kirchhoff: This is much more of a progression of the last season that we did. There's an element of this season from what we did last season but also giving it a more.
Edward Meadham: People seem to be able to expect to see our entire aesthetic within so many collections but there's so much more to us and our aesthetics our broad and it will take a while for people to get it.

DD: What were the visual references you had when designing this collection?
Edward Meadham: We went all over the place really. We had Corrine Day in mind.
Benjamin Kirchhoff: Christmas was a very big influence!
Edward Meadham:  The sparkle of it all, definitely!

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