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Photography by Saga Sigurdardottir

House of Holland Womenswear A/W10

We went downtown to New York decked out in bandana paisley print.

"C.T.F.O. - It's only a show" (that's Chill The Fuck Out for all non-internet acronym speakers) wasn't really the sentiment felt in the room where anticipation was high and cheering/whooping was aplenty. It was anything but chilled as we were excited that once again Holland found a motif, stuck with it and gave it a bit of a fashion kick. Or at least, it was given Holland's own brand of fashion which is largely playful and never serious. The motif was the slightly cheesy bandana paisley print derived from New York stoop kids coupled with hip hop apparel such as gold hooped earrings that were threaded with bandana print courtesy of Katie Hillier. The print came in all manners of separates in a pastel palette that was given foundations by a black and white stripe as well as grey jersey sweats. Pale blue shearling, black leather and printed denim also supported the look that will have us chilling out, maxing and relaxing and maybe putting on some 112 and old Jay-Z for the good times ahead of us.

Dazed Digital: You talked about New York downtown girls - did that come from actually spending time in New York?
Henry Holland: A little bit but I also kind of played on the stereotypes and cliches of that girl. We played with them and tried to fashion it up a bit and mix it up and wearable.

DD: In terms of injecting your own signature with those cliches?
Henry Holland: For the collection, it was the colour palette. It's a very colourful collection. I thought it was toned down and then we saw the boards! Then we got Katie (Hillier) involved with the accessories with the big fluffy bags. The general anchor of the collections was the monochromatic colours too - grey, white and black. With the casting, we toughened it up a bit and we went for a harder girl.

DD: What prompted you to have parts of your collection available for sale via the Blackberry?
Henry Holland: I'm obsessed with my Blackberry! I think when we put a t-shirt on the runway, there's the demand immediately and with a jersey-based t-shirt we can get the production done, and it's something we can play with. You need the technology to do this and we set up the blog for the t-shirts four days ago which has already got 20,000 hits. It was enjoyable and really fun!

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