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Photography by Saga Sigurdardottir

Hanako Narahira Womenswear A/W10

The Japanese, London-based designer is making sure your gran's knitting days are numbered...

Beautiful and simple on first sight, yet beneath, intricate details and magical focal points are woven together to produce a mesmerising product. In comparison to her previous season, Narahira’s AW 10-11 collection is relatively tame but this is no bad thing. The looks have evolved into easily wearable, enchanting pieces that still have a touch of the designer’s signature playful colours and techniques.

Silver, stretch luxe dresses with a hint of glitter are the scaffolding for vibrant green and royal purple Rapunzel plaits, which coil around hems and necklines, reminiscent of the sleeves of the 80s cartoon character, Rainbow Bright - which it appears, has seen her personal wardrobe of fluoro cyber wear run head on into the black and white screen of a static TV, producing a fresh background for Narahira’s crochet embellishments on tight tops and fitted dresses. The collection is reflective of the bold Japanese style, daring, fun and certainly no sign of a doily.

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