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Craig Lawrence Womenswear A/W10

Crowns, queens and gold result in a slicked-up collection this season.

PhotographyMorgan O'Donovan

Dazed Digital premiered Craig Lawrence's film, directed by Mel Bles and styled by Katie Shillingford, as part of our London Digital Schedule simultaneously with his film showing in the BFC Digital Space at Somerset House yesterday. We found out more about the collection itself which sees Lawrence playing with his knitwear techniques with Kyototex metallic yarns, filigree golden strands and plenty of foil to realise his thoughts on the power of the crown.
Dazed Digital: What were you exploring this season in terms of materials and influences?
Craig Lawrence: The contrast in this collection inspired by Queen Elizabeth I and the starting point was crowns and it was about Queen Elizabeth and her power to give death to people contrasted with the naivete of kids playing with crowns, kind of like Max in Where the Wild Things Are, where they don't realise what the crown symbolises.
In this collection, there's a lot of suggestions I tried to make. Like in the long dresses where it's quite slick.

DD: Are you trying to refine your style then?
Craig Lawrence: I'm still working with techniques and developing them, working with yarns and materials, showing them off in the best way we can.

DD: What kind of materials did you work with?
Craig Lawrence: I was working with Kyototex yarn and developing my loopy furry technique. This time I laced the knitting panels together just so you can see the flat foil so it's really shiny. Then there's the foil which represents the playfulness of a toy crown.

DD: Is there anything with your shapes that you changed?
Craig Lawrence: It was tight and body conscious last season too and I think I wanted to continue this because it shows off my techniques more. This season, we just lengthened the pieces to make a full look.

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