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G-Star Womenswear A/W10

The coachman coat inspired this pop-filled show.

PhotographyMark Reay

G-Star have made a conscientious effort to make it be known that they can do more than just a dark rinse pair of jeans.  Previously the muted tones of their denim shades have dominated their collections but this time round a flurry of yellow came popping out of the multi-stranded runway that reminded people of anything from fisherman's attire to firefighter uniforms. The real starting point though were coachman coats with their flared A-line shape, from which a lot of the outerwear in the collection spun from. In womenswear, the skirts also took on a super flared out shape that gave a wrapover miniskirt a structural form. Paired with cropped jackets that played with the bright poppy colours of lemon yellow, bright blue and leprechaun green, there was a slight cartoonish feel to the ensembles. In menswear, there was plenty of fresh layering with the checked double breasted (with the help of leather buckles) jackets. Even though the show mostly consisted of the coachman coat-inspired pieces, G-Star still experimented with the denim by incorporating an inside flared shape giving them a cropped cut as well as dipping into a bright blue bleached wash.

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