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Thakoon Womenswear A/W10

Thakoon hardens up and does primitive pretty this season.

There's a gold rush of shaggy and feral textures at the moment and we're all wanting to reach out and do some serious heavy petting with some of the furs and knits we're seeing. For Thakoon though, it quite literally started off with a shaggy sheep: "This picture I came across of an Helmut Lang ad with the sheep that was shaved on one side and fluffy/furry on the other side resonated with me a lot. So that was the jumping off point."

Though Thakoon used the word "primitive" to describe the collection, the actual result was a polished version of those snowy and furry natural elements. He bulked out with hooded fur-line jackets and coats and also with the ensuing run of fluffy topiary that gave jackets and mini-dress hems a swinging lightness. His signature printwork became slightly faded and hardened up for the winter: "I wanted things that felt organic and earthy and I wanted this texture of softness so that the prints had this fuzzy quality to them."

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