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Calvin Klein Womenswear A/W10

Italo Zucchelli served up an explosion of steely fabric experimentation.

Sleek is definitely a word used time and time again when talking about Calvin Klein Collections (both menswear and womenswear) but credit to both Italo Zucchelli and Francisco Costa for being able to reinvent their codes of sleekness every season. Fabric experimentation has always been key for Zucchelli but there was a real assertiveness to everything that came out this season, that was down to the extra bit of experimentation.

"All the time, I always try and find something to experiment with and this time there was a lot of experimentation especially with the Mylar," explains Zucchelli. Coated Mylar may not be familiar to most but the effect of this PVC-esque shiny material honed into sleek and precise suits formed part of the show's highlights. Silhouettes were flattened down to the core essential shapes to allow the array of textures and fabrics to do the talking.

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