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Y-3 Womenswear A/W10

Yohji Yamamoto gets into some scuffles with his models.

Y-3 took flight from all the serious and protective clothing we've been seeing this season and instead bid to protect others with their superhero-themed A/W 10-11. We already saw the menswear earlier in Paris where the future fused with the traditional and classic tailoring was reinterpreted in futuristic fabrics. What materialised though was a collection that had much of Yohji Yamamoto's own signature injected into it, so much so that some pieces could have slotted right into his own collections. That said, the sportswear sensibility is ever-present in the fabric choices and when layered, created ensembles that had utility as well as luxury in mind.

A prison break theme was also introduced in some black and white striped jersey pieces as well as slogan tees that read ""I'm thinking prison break" and "World is not fair" perhaps referencing the villains on the run from the heroes. The British art collective UVA provided the stunning laser light show that did well to highlight the fluro and metallic mesh trainer heels and colour-blocked winklepickers and basketball shoes. The superhero inflection wasn't an obvious one and instead resulted in subtle nods like capes and face scarves and then the finale where Yamamoto gets into a punch out with one of the male models but alas, superwoman triumphs as model Freja Beha knocked Yamamoto back down.

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