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Gary Graham Womenswear A/W10

This CFDA 2009 finalist presents his rustic take on glam rock.

PhotographyShawn Brackbill

The name Gary Graham may not be overly well-known on this side of the Atlantic but he has been quietly working away in New York experimenting with fabrics and textile designs since 1999. Nominated as a CFDA Fashion Fun finalist in 2009 and now having presented at Milk studios last night, Graham has stepped into a different kind of exposure. His collection was an ethereal and outworldly take on up-state (a dominant theme in New York) landscape.  When asked about the starting point, Graham gave some specific references: "A lot of it started from the prints and one of the prints was from this WPA painting found on a street in Brooklyn of Peter Steiverson that had been grafittied over. We took that and made it into a print. Also there's this mug shot of Bowie in Rochester in 1974 probably doing the Station to Station tour and it's this idea of this glam-alien but up-state."

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