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Boy/Band of Outsiders Womenswear A/W10

We're off to do some skiing in Scott Sternberg's new collection.

We've come to expect some elaborate set making at every Band of Outsiders presentation. It's that sort of indepth universe-making that elevates Sternberg's quirky takes on classics, creating a believable and endearing backstory. This season, we're off for some up-state ski action where the fun, joviality and glamour of 70s skiwear influenced both the men and womenswear. We have playful ensembles fit for rolling around in the snow as well as cosy cabin dinners involving all the expected wintry fabric choices under twisted guises. A party patchwork fox fur piece from the Boy by Band of Outsiders is just one example of Sternberg's constant riffing and re-riffing. We caught up with him at the bustling presentation to talk about retro skiwear and his brand's expansion.

Dazed Digital: Where are we going on holiday this time?
Scott Sternberg: We're in a city that has been run over by a snowstorm so we're gonna ski on top of the city and then we're going skiing somewhere else!

DD: How did you get into this outdoor pursuits theme?
Scott Sternberg: I was looking at old ski clothes, especially this old American brand REI. Also looking at pictures of Joan Diddion and Woody Allen in this wonderful time in the early 70s.

DD: What is it about old skiwear that is so appealing?
Scott Sternberg: It's just so chic to me. It didn't feel like going to Northface and buying some puffa jacket. It's glamourous! It's dressing up after you ski and even to ski. They're just good looking clothes.

DD: It seems like you've really differentiated between womenswear and menswear this season.
Scott Sternberg: I always start with the mens and I pick the fabrics and I know what the mood is and then I riff off that for the womenswear.

DD: Tell me about the 'party fur' piece.
Scott Sternberg: It started with the parka on the left. I've got the outdoor thing going on and so it's like 'where do I go next with it?' and I was working with patchworking fox so that's how it happened.

DD: Do you feel like you're expanding on what you do every season?
Scott Sternberg: I'm very precious about what I make and how it's made. Guys especially see through everything and they're not going to buy crap. Every season, there's a new category that I might get into. Like, a year ago, I started making sweatpants and every season there's a different take on it and I'll one up on myself every season. I'm always going to offer these things and look at it a different way. If you buy them one season, you can't not have them the next. On the womens side, it's awesome. I'm so strict with the menswear, and so Boy is a playful take on everything I love about menswear. It's getting there!

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