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Tim Hamilton Redux Womenswear A/W10

Tim Hamilton brings back Redux officially.

PhotographyShawn Brackbill

Tim Hamilton's secondary line Redux was first launched in 2007 but now it gets an official stamp with a presentation at Milk Studios last night that saw all of his 'greatest hits' worked in with functional foundation pieces that were given a slick of interesting fabric choices that Hamilton is known for. Tar covered boots completed the vision of the pragmatic and the stylish.

Dazed Digital: What is Redux all about?
Tim Hamilton: Redux is the second line which I launched in fall 2009 which was based on knitwear and outwear pieces. I haven't been in business that long but these were the pieces that were like the greatest hits that did well for me. So I wanted to bring them back in a new way and by doing it as a second line because I could produce it all in Japan at a good price point and keep it accessible to a younger audience.

DD: Does this give you freedom to push your mainline collection?
Tim Hamilton: Absolutely. YOu want to progress and evolve with the main and I wanted to keep that moving forward and keep this (Redux) something for people to look forward to.

DD: Are these essentially wardrobe foundations or basics then?
Tim Hamilton: We try to think of a different word for basics. In menswear, it's kind of challenging because there are these codes and recipes. They are foundation pieces but I've always layered on more conceptual pieces that works with it. So there's this street, New York-meet-London vibe that is layered on top of those foundations.

DD: What can we expect from your womenswear collection?
Tim Hamilton: Womenswear is going to be very graphic. It's crossing over to the mens in terms of colours and concept. There will be a lot of sharp tailoring and it's still going to be small.

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