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Richard Chai Womenswear A/W10

Loose and long layers were Chai's remedy for winter.

PhotographyMark Reay

The snow has started to melt but there was a distinctly dour undertone at the Tents (and at other venues) as people were murmuring as news was slowly breaking about Alexander McQueen's death. This was however entirely unconnected to what Richard Chai offered up for A/W 10-11. Chai refreshingly went for comfort over showmanship without sacrificing design details. Beyond fabric choices and colour palette, perhaps the plus points were rooted in the proportions of the layering that Chai proposed. Baggy sweaters over long loose sleeves with ruched gloves. Long skirts underneath ruffled dress tops and longer shirts over harem trousers. All of these ensembles were paired with flat grey army boots that definitely had all the intent of a love-in with comfort this coming winter.

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