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In a Perfect World

Student designers and emerging film talent unite to challenge fashion forms and norms at Beckmans College.

Cross-fertilising between their fashion and advertising courses, students at Sweden’s leading design school have been teamed up and tasked with collaborating to produce a series of fashion films around the brief “In a Perfect World...”

The resulting twelve shorts are set to be unveiled on January 28 at the PUB department store in Stockholm, with a virtual online gallery launching to coincide with the exhibition. Among the contributors are YDA winning directing duo Philippe Tempelman and Kian Zubicky, who have buddied with designer Heidi Nilausen to bring her fantasy subculture to life with a bleak pool party.

“Our ambition was to create a film that could work both as a music video and as a fashion film, partly because Heidi has an interest in dressing and styling music artists but also because it was a way for us to create the kind of feeling and nerve that we where aiming for with the film,” say the pair. “We wanted to portray the feeling of a lost youth and were very inspired by films like Christiane F – Wir kinder wom bahnhof Zoo and the Swedish classic En kärlekshistoria.

“The process has been quite different from creating clothes for a catwalk or a brand,” muses Nilausen “here we created a world together instead of just the clothes itself. We could express so much more. The film is part of the fashion concept instead of the package.”

The idea behind the collection is to encourage students to explore their own relationship to the current norms of the fashion world and the way new designs are conceptualized, created and presented. For Elana Becker and Lisa Nyman, the key challenge was to take the bold patterns and sharp tailored cuts of Klara Sjons Nilsson’s pieces and extend their interrogation of the two-dimensional world.  

“Fashion is interpreted and documented on the net, now more than ever,” Nilsson suggests. “What happens when we meet fashion through pictures and not on a hanger in a store or at a fashion show? I want to stretch the imagination, not get stuck in fixed ideas about what the missing parts of the garments in pictures look like.”

All 12 films will be up on the Beckmans site from January 28 but Dazed Digital brings you an exclusive preview of Nilausen and Nilsson’s collections below.