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Sketching Faces

New York's Blue Logan gives us some insight into his fashion illustrations at Art Miami Basel.

On the penultimate night of Art Basel Miami, in the Delano, some charming boy was sketching a birthday girl on the inside of a plastic top hat. Turned out I knew him, by name at least. Who could let slip a handle like Blue Logan? But that's his real name, and in his real life - as real as New York life can be, at an ambitious age 28 - he'd rather be sketching the people trying to get in the club than the revellers in it. Here we put a few q's to the illustrator who sketches faces, in and out of fashion, faster than paps can snap.

Dazed Digital: Do you actually illustrate fulltime, or do you have side hustle? Let me guess - you're a DJ?
Blue Logan: Hah. Well, actually, I do DJ a bit, once a week, at a bar called Chloe on the Lower East Side. And I do other things, like I did the opening of the Boom Boom Room. Quite a few flashy places, darling.

DD: OK, so tell me about what you were doing in Miami, for the Standard.
Blue Logan: Andre [Balazs] hired me. He just gave me a notepad from the Standard and said I could sketch whoever I wanted. So I was doing, like, Jefferson Hack and Calvin Klein, but then I'd go out and think the bouncer at a club looked really cool, so I'd draw him. And then all the illustrations for the Standard went on display after Basel. It was an experiment for me to do something different, less fashion.

DD: Let's talk about what drew you to fashion (sorry, bad pun?) in the first place.
Blue Logan: I draw it because I find I like being objective on it. I never studied fashion or had a huge interest in fashion, but I did grow up with it. My mum was a hat designer.

DD: What was her name?
Blue Logan: Diane Logan. She was great in the 70s. I bought a hat of hers on the Ebay just the other day, and it still has the $150 price tag from 1970s with Bergdorf Goodman.

DD: You're living in New York now, but you were in London for a long time before... what do you like about London fashion?
Blue Logan: I love that the kids are a bit more wild, and anything goes there. I love Giles. And, I don't know, I always enjoy what's on Fashion East.

DD: Who's your favourite subject to draw?
Blue Logan: I seem to end up drawing Diane Pernet a lot. I just can't get over her look. And Suzy Menkes, Hilary Alexander, all those people. But then I get bored of drawing the front row, so I start drawing the people behind them, and the people that look out of place. It's whatever grabs me.

DD: Right. So tell me about your next project.
Blue Logan: It's called "My Name Should Be On The List," and it's about the people trying to get into clubs, or into fashion shows, or whatever. I think it's amazing, the things someone will do or say to get in. And I like to capture the funny interactions and the relationships between different kinds of people.

DD: Fashion people are used to the style paparazzi by now, and they know how to pose and what to expect and everything. But with just a pad and paper, you can catch people off guard, no? Do people ever react badly?
Blue Logan: Yeah, I can catch people not looking, which is nice. And sometimes people do look at you and then you can see that they turn away slightly, so you can't really get them... Once I got Mick Rock, a very cool photographer, and he turned around and gave me the finger. I started drawing him with his middle finger up. He didn't know how quick a drawer I was, so I caught him.