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Contemporary Folk

Argentinian designer Bossini Pithod gives the contemporary gentleman a bohemian touch.

Based on integral artistic experiences, Bossini Pithod's collections always represent a global process in which the designer likes to get totally involved: designing the garments and prints, taking the photographs and even writing the words about it to work as a mood text. All these factors together make it impossible to deny the influence of Bossini's background in Fine Arts.

 Here, the Argentinian designer explores once again the limits beyond the classical gentlemen's wardrobe, giving it a new twist with the shapes and materials but also with the image of those eternal bohemian teens portrayed in his campaign, whose main aim is to dress as a gentleman does these days.

Dazed Digital: Bossini Pithod’s style is…
Bossini Pithod: Urban and connected to folk and elegance. Simple and personal.

DD: Which is the philosophy of the brand?
Bossini Pithod: My philosophy as a brand is to create a sensitive universe where textures, colours and garments that express feelings, moods or memories coexist.
DD: You can always get inspiration from...
Bossini Pithod: Relaxing at home, listening to music, reading a book, in my little garden.

DD: Tell us about your latest A/W 09/10 collection.
Bossini Pithod: It is a really introspective winter; all about love stories and memories, about well-kept feelings, sheltered in a room from winter cold. Three-dimensional patchwork textures on a cardigan or applied on a T-shirt, basic and austere garments in a range of colours that goes from black to red, brown, including leather. I have used wool fabrics in coats and trench coats, spandex in trousers and Peruvian cotton in sweaters. Everything is very second-skin like.

DD: Who is the boy you design for?
Bossini Pithod: He is a real dreamer, emotionally awake and he shows his inner self through the garments.
DD: Do you think about going into womenswear too?
Bossini Pithod: The way I think about my brand involves this idea of unisex garments with the intention of “be dressed like a man” without worrying about your real sex or your sexual preferences.

DD: Men's fashion, is it a new market to explore?
Bossini Pithod: I think it is a challenge to re-invent the masculine wardrobe. It is not necessary to dress as a cowboy, rocker or yuppie anymore to be dressed like a man.

DD: You take your own pictures, are you able to separate the garment design from the picture you will take of it right after?
Bossini Pithod: My pictures are another way of expression season after season. Collections might come up quite sporadically; it’s a whole that ends up defining itself step by step and the result are the garments, the pictures and even some text sometimes.