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In Process S/S 10

Japanese/London duo Hall Ohara have rebranded as In Process for S/S 10 and they have produced an animation video with artist Noriko Okaku.

London born Steve Hall and Tokyo born Yurika Ohara graduated from Central Saint Martins College in 2003 both achieving first class degrees. They got married in Sept 2004 and established their label Hall Ohara in 2005. The brand name has now changed to In Process from S/S 2010 to incorporate a new concept.
This collection is based on the fairy tale The Blue Bird. The collection represents a journey to find happiness, but as the journey unfolds it becomes clear that true happiness can only be found from within. True happiness is usually found from making the journey, not from reaching the destination; from seeking and not from finding. The designers wanted to incorporate this concept with their approach to designing each garment for the collection. The collection is a mixture of jersey, cotton and delicate textured fabrics with crafty details to make them modern with an antique feel.

In Process have collaborated with London based Media Artist, Noriko Okaku for In Process' S/S 10 collection “HAPPY?..HAPPY.HAPPY!!”. The version of the film shown below was used for the In Process presentation during Japan Fashion Week, but there will be an updated longer version that will be shown at a future exhibition and can be seen at or at a later date.

Animation Noriko Okaku
Music TaTaTa Moto
Vocals Spaceships Are Cool
Special thanks to Sic, Mr Masuda, Esteem PR, Mrs Maruya, Jilli, Mrs Mogaki, Junsuke, Ikuo, Hal, Tom, Hiroki, Takeshi, Mari and to everyone who has helped to make this collection.

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