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Cassette Playa Vs Parra for Nike

Cassette Playa and Parra to collaborate to remix Nike Sportswear’s iconic designs and technical apparel.

Partnering with design heroes Cassette Playa aka Carri Mundane of London and Parra (aka electronic musician Le Le) the talented artist, designer and illustrator from Amsterdam, Nike Sportswear is commissioning designs by the rival 'sports teams' for their new Holiday 09 Rivalry Collection.

Cassette Playa having a past of styling MIA, Klaxons and Chromeo designed a wash of radioactive acid greens, fluro-oranges, fuschias and bright blues whilst the focal point of Parra’s team is a vivid, hot-coloured jacket with embroidered detail, 'celebrating participation, energy and a positive attitude'. Parra as an illustrator has also designed album cover art for French electro duo Teenage Bad Girl, flyers and for his own music in colourful Ed Banger-esque illustrations.

Focused around the idea of rivalry being a driving energy, both teams add their own trademark influences to the established Nike aesthetic. Both Cassette Playa and Parra draw on three iconic Nike Sportswear garments with the NSW Collection Stadium Jacket featuring hand-made chenille patches, paired with high quality embroidery available for both a men’s and women’s.

The Cassette Playa TZ Dunk, the Cassette Playa and Parra Destroyer jackets and t-shirts all launch in Europe on October 9th. The Cassette Playa and Parra Stadium jackets launch on the October 30th. For more information, visit