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Loewe Womenswear S/S10

Sport lux sums up the gist of Vevers' collection for this leather goods brand.

Stuart Vevers' has been honing in on making sure his details come across with maximum impact on everything from the trim on a hat to the heels on the shoes. So we've had two presentations where the guests are within touching distance of the models as they strut down an intimate catwalk. This season, they came stomping down in all manners of leather dresses that were made to look light and summer-appropirate by employing cut-outs and flared-out shapes. With touches like orange-plastic visors, leather rope belts and brown paper bags that were actually made out of leather, we got a fresh injection of wit from Vevers that should steer Loewe towards a positive path.

Dazed Digital: What were you trying to achieve with this collection?
Stuart Vevers: It was about how you make leather relevant for the spring season and for the beach. There are lots of new techniques, trying to be as innovative as possible. For example, Laser cutting and high water pressure cutting. It's very clever stuff!

DD: For three seasons now you've really honed in on the details of everything - is that the direction you want to take Loewe?
Stuart Vevers: That's really important! That's why I'm doing this style of presentation where you can stand next to the girls and really see everything. I just think in this very environment, it's right for Loewe. It's not about a dramatic silhouette but it's about fine detailing and colour balances.

DD: And was that a croquet print I saw on the pink dresses?
Stuart Vevers: It's a nail print actually! I always love to play with hardware and so I wanted to use it unexpectedly.

DD: Do you feel settled at Loewe now after three seasons?
Stuart Vevers: Things are looking up. We're starting to see good numbers. Things feel optimistic.

Photography by Clement Dauvent

Video by Cameron Smith

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