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The internet has discovered Moschino’s AW20 baguette and croissant bags

You’ll be splashing out the dough for this bread

If you recently watched a certain Netflix show and yearned for the life and styles of ‘Emiliee’ in Paree, et voilà! Thanks to Moschino, you can look the part of the stereotypical ‘American girl in Paris' – or if ‘grabbing a quick Italian BMT’ is more your vibe, you're covered too.

Earlier this year, Moschino showed its AW20 collection in Milan. Taking inspiration from the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette, Jeremy Scott sent models down the runway in traditional lace-up corsets with wide pannier skirts bearing exaggerated hip padding. And accessorising this ode to la révolution? Pastry bags of course! What’s more French than a croissant and a baguette.

The clutch bags, which are life-size renderings of bakery favourites including a sandwich and slice of cake, alongside the croissant and baguette, recently became available to buy and that’s when the internet discovered them. 

As you can imagine, people had some thoughts.

“£758 to look like you’re holding a subway is this a joke” wrote one Twitter user in a tweet that has been liked over 1.6K times. “Biggest dupe going ~ save yourself £757.15” tweeted another, alongside a screenshot of a Sainsbury’s crusty white. 

“So pigeons can attack me, no thanks,” said another.

Others, however, were very taken with them. “I’ve never wanted anything more than the moschino croissant bag omg,” wrote one craving fan. “Nahhh the next time I’m in Paris I will be using this bag,” said someone else. 

Of course there were also a lot of punning around. “If someone buys this you know they got bread,” quipped one person. 

“You may be the upper crust when it comes to fashion & as much as we knead & loaf you, I kneaded to wheat in when we saw our BAGuette design has been recrumbated/pinched. We are in disbeyest by what we saw today. Ours cost £1.20 to bake, please don't baguette about this,” wrote another.

If you want to permanently achieve the look of having just popped down to the bakery and are now strolling down the Seine with your fresh pastry the bags are available here. You’ll be splashing out the dough for this bread though.