A streetwear shortage might be coming thanks to COVID-19

Bad news for hypebeasts everywhere

Thought it was hard work getting your hands on a pair of Off-White Nikes or YEEZY’s latest drop? Well, it might be about to get even more difficult, all thanks to the coronavirus (what else?). According to an article published by The Guardian, the world is facing a potential shortage of sports and leisurewear including trackies, hoodies, trainers, and leggings. 

With manufacturers largely located in countries including Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, the first knock to the supply chain came at the start of the year, when many factories were forced to shut down to contain the spread of COVID-19. Add to that the soaring demand for casual styles given we’re all spending so much time at home in our comfies and it’s no surprise stocks are running a bit low. 

As detailed in a report by fashion analysis company Edited, the amount of sportswear styles selling out online in the UK last month were 17 per cent up on the same time last year. If the country ends up heading into a full lockdown, that figure is expected to rise even higher, and wtf we’re going to do if we have to wear last year’s joggers round the house where no one will see them anyway is anyone’s guess.

Talking to The Guardian, ASOS boss Nick Beighton said the company was “working hard to make sure we have supply”, but, at the moment, the site has less stock than usual on offer thanks to the shortages. Peter Cowgill of JD Sports also confirmed a number of labels it stocks were having difficulty fulfilling orders due to the upsurge in demand. 

With a growing number of designers returning to more refined styles on the runways across recent seasons, and Virgil Abloh declaring streetwear over in our interview last year, it seems like COVID-19 could bring about a sharp U-turn for the aesthetic. Get stocked up while you can we guess, and remember – there’s always Depop.