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Tim Soar Menswear S/S10

Origami inspired Soar's collection of expert tailoring.

Tim Soar closed the menswear day at London Fashion Week and showed a broad collection of tailoring that was inspired by origami paper folding techniques. This informed the darts and folds made deliberately obvious on the jackets and trousers. Textures were also varied with black PVC, leather, nubby knits and textural prints at play with each other.

Dazed Digital: How does it feel closing Menswear Day?
Tim Soar: It's a bit special isn't it! I've had a few of those type of moments this season. The only downside of it has been that I've not been able to see any other shows

DD: The collection looks to have evolved from your SS10 look book...
Tim Soar: Well, my collections are always evolving. You can only real get snap shots at any given time. With the benefit of hindsight there were things that I wanted to do differently after the look book came out. I always want to give my collection their own language.   

DD: The collection looked like you had fun playing with print and texture. Tell us a little about the fabrics...
Tim Soar: I'm a real fabric fan and they are so important when I design. When I first started designing I was always excited by the fabric and thought up ways of how to. You can make something really simple, fucking great and something amazing really amazing just by the fabrics used. For this collection I wanted to use an unexpected mix of fabrics because that is what really excites me.

DD: If you could sum up an emotion running through the collection, what would it be?
Tim Soar: That's the end it was kind of euphoric. We just thought that this was something really exciting and quite different. Sometimes it feels somber, last season was a lot darker but this one is just totally euphoric.

DD: Do you have a muse when designing your menswear?
Tim Soar: Initially I designed for myself but less and less each season. I think when you start you just design for yourself when you are designing for your own sex because well, no one is going to but now it broadens it, there are bits in there which i might not wear but as a whole it makes sense to people.