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boobie billie boobies world brand
Photography Nadia Ebrahim, creative direction Team Boobie

Enter Boobie’s World, the new brand by Instagram’s chicest dog

Get your paws on tiny handbags and babushka – or Boobushkas – scarves designed by Boobie Billie

Stop what you’re doing and take this time to reflect on what you have spent the past six months of COVID-19-induced home arrest doing. Perhaps baking sourdough, playing Animal Crossing, or maybe just feeling an overwhelming sense of doom? How passé

While you’ve been resting on your creative laurels, Instagram icon and chic canine Boobie Billie – who you’ll have seen stunting in Jacquemus, Telfar, Fendi, you name it – has been cooking up her newest venture: Boobie’s World. Before all the cishet men reading this get all excited, no it’s not a world filled with boobies but rather, the world that Boobie Billie – BB to friends and fans – wants us to live in. A fun, chic world. 

“It’s all about not taking fashion too seriously,” Boobie tells us (we think) about the brand. “Case and point, it’s a brand started by an Italian Greyhuahua. This is a world for my bbs to feel cute and free. I want them to take up space, wear wild colors, and feel like the gorgina angel bbs they are.” 

The brand is launching today (September 15) with two must-haves for any fashion fanatic, a tiny handbag and babushka scarf – FYI, we called both of these trends. “I’m pretty small, so for me mini bags are a huge part of my look,” Boobie says. “As for my silky Boobushkas, I love to add a little bit of drama into my every day, and nothing does that better than a matching silk scarf.” 

Available in four styles – Cow Cow (not brown, but still stunning), Pickled Zebra, Boobie’s Tooth, and Butter – there is something for everyone to feel fab, something that was important for Boobie to give to her loyal following of bbs. “When you wear my bags, I’m with you, telling you to get out there and own it because you look amazing,” she says. 

While you might not believe it – why not? 2020 is all about the unexpected – our four-legged friend has had her sights set on her own brand ever since she started her account last year. “When I started my account, it was all about putting myself out there – my voice, my style etc.,” she says. “When it started to take off, that was that vote of confidence I needed to be like, BB you’re valid, you’re cute, people like your style, it’s time!”

So, what’s next for BB? It’s a secret for now, but she promises it’ll be fun and chic. “I have lots up my tiny little sleeves!”