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Lou Dalton Womenswear S/S10

Swashbuckled romanticism swept through Dalton's collection.

Lou Dalton took to the 18th century French seas for her spring summer collection that was a much lighter and embellished affair that her last collection. Stripey knits, red and blue colour palette cemented the nautical theme whilst Dalton also indulged in extra flourishes like an oversized red corsage sash and a bustled tailcoat.

Dazed Digital: What bought on this wave of romanticism?
Lou Dalton: It was all about the whole Napoleonic era and the buckaneer, the French pirates. As people moved their way through the ranks and had more money, they were able to show their wealth and wear everything and anything
I really liked the idea of showing everything from the humble lower ranks to the really grand captain in the collection.

DD: How did you prevent the collection from feeling too much like costume?
Lou Dalton: I'm very grounded and I have a very commercial take on things. I'm able to show the concept of a collection but once you pare it back, it's a beautiful pair of shorts and shirt and hopefully people will be able to see that.

DD: What kind of man do you imagine wearing this collection?
Lou Dalton: I think it's quite similar - he's still a strong individual, not a shrinking violet and he will take a chance or a risk. It's the same kind of man. But for summer, I wanted to inject a lot more lightness and flamboyancy.