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Cardi B Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather coat Instagram

Cardi B gives no fucks about the weather forecast when it comes to fashion

‘Yea it’s 94 degrees where I’m at, I’m still finna wear this jacket’

With the highest temperature on the face of the planet recorded at the aptly titled Furnace Creek in California’s Death Valley this weekend, wildfires burning out of control in the actual arctic(!), and much of the US and Europe facing their own extensive heatwaves, most of us have spent the last few weeks positioned mere millimetres from fans, wearing as little as possible. In this heat, fuck fashion, right? Wrong. 

Giving precisely zero shits about the soaring mercury is Cardi B, who yesterday turned a look that made us sweat just looking at it. Dressed head-to-toe in monogrammed Louis Vuitton leather – including a belted trench coat, a tiny barrel bag, and a fucking beret – the rapper took to IG to show the whole thing off, captioning the photo “Yea it’s 94 degrees where I’m at, I’m still finna wear this jacket.” Beauty really is pain, baby!

While this ensemble might be slightly questionable when the weather’s that hot (don’t try this at home kids!), elsewhere Cardi has been digging out some slightly more temperature appropriate looks of late. Over the weekend, she stepped out in a patchwork Natasha Zinko minidress, accessorised with a bandana print-painted Birkin (casual), to dish out some sage advice re; vaginal hygiene, after dropping certified anthem and fashion extravaganza “WAP” with the Hot Girl herself, Megan Thee Stallion.

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