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Louis Vuitton just dropped an extremely reasonably priced foosball table

The rainy day purchase we’ve all been waiting for

By now we’re likely in unanimous agreement that, while necessary, lockdown is getting pretty fucking boring. With all six seasons of The Sopranos out of the way, basically no movies left on Netflix that we haven’t seen, and the appeal of making our own sourdough wearing extremely thin, we’re looking for new ways to satiate our hunger for stimulation – and Louis Vuitton may just have the answer (lol). 

Making its debut today is the Louis Vuitton Le Babyfoot, which, if your French isn’t so hot, basically translates to table football (or foosball to our American readers).

Born from the revered label’s long history of creating chess and backgammon carry cases, as well as croquet trunks presumably for all the Heathers out there, the new addition to its offering comes encased in LV’s unmistakeable monogrammed leather and features hand-painted players, embossed wooden handles, and a bunch of ‘artisanal, jewel-like’ counting coins to make those victories even sweeter (or losses even harder to swallow @ myself).  

And so to the price, which, let’s be real, isn’t likely to be in the region of the ones you circled in the Argos catalogue every year but Santa sadly never brought.

Coming in at an extremely reasonable and casual starting price of £62,500 (do not adjust your sets), the made-to-order style can take upwards of a year to land on your doorstep, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to save up for it. Come on – just think how good it’s going to look next to the Louis Vuitton Jenga set that you absolutely definitely bought.

Revisit the AW20 Louis Vuitton menswear show below.