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Rick Owens room 1999 Pandora's Jukebox NTS
Rick Owens and Michele Lamy's bedroom in LA circa 1999Photography Erica Lennard

Enter Rick Owens’ ‘concrete crystal spaceship’ through this new mix

Yasmina Dexter, aka Pandora’s Jukebox, debuts a new NTS mix spanning ten years of Rick Owens’ legendary raves

If you’ve ever been to a Rick Owens show (or even watched one live streamed through your laptop for that matter), you’ll know how big of a deal music is to the designer. 

Whether he’s enlisting troupes of step-dancers to pound through his showspace, or setting his presentations to sounds by the likes of Tommy Cash, thrashing Eurovision wannabes Winny Puhh, or wife Michele Lamy’s band Lavascar, over the course of his three-decade-long career, Owens has become almost as known for his wildly diverse taste in music as he has for his clothes.

“MUSIC IS AS DEPENDABLE AS A PILL TO GET YOU WHERE YOU WANNA BE,” he explains via email, in his signature caps, on the importance of music in both his life and his work, adding that right now, in isolation, he’s listening to a whole lot of opera throughout the day (“MONTSERRAT CABALLE”, FYI).

Also on his playlist are mixes by frequent collaborator Yasmina Dexter, aka Pandora’s Jukebox, who today debuts a new NTS mix collating a series of tracks she’s spun at Owens’ events, parties, and raves across the last ten years. 

Naturally, the tracklist errs on the harder side of things, with Autechre, Plastikman, Pearson Sound, and Air Max ‘97 all making appearances on the line-up. Spanning “the hardcore end of techno and 3D odditiies”, Dexter adds:  “I love working with Rick, he’s very fun and open, and I don’t have to conform or have any constraints. His legendary raves are legendary for a reason – raw, real, and fun, but considered to the tiniest details. I’m lucky he digs my feel.” 

With the mix available here for your aural pleasure, the designer adds that “ENTERING THIS MIX IS ENTERING OUR CONCRETE CRYSTAL SPACESHIP” – all aboard the good ship Rick Owens, basically.