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David David Womenswear S/S10

The unlikely inspiration of 1930s swimwear forms the basis of David David's collection.

Geometry still rules the day whenever a David David collection is involved but something's got to give in terms of shape and consideration of fabrics. So whilst cotton t-shirts and leggings were the starting point of Davd David's career, his latest collection shows the versatility of where his geometric prints can sit well. It seems they make perfect sense printed on elegant shirt dresses, loosely hung t-shirts and a ladylike umbrella. From 1930s' swimwear and their cut-out shapes, similar cut-outs are reflected on the dresses. David Saunders also made a series of films with this collection in collaboration with Spring studios that were presented alongside his collection.

Dazed Digital: What did you want to explore this season?
David David: We first looked at 1930s cuts and the cut-outs we have in this collection are directly taken from 1930s style swimwear where they had a cutout panel on the side. Not exactly sure why they were there - maybe to make them more streamlined or to show more flesh! The colour palette were originally taken from the 1930s but obviously with me, I tend to play around with them quite dramatically and they were originally very bright. We had 12 extremely nutty bright colours and then we broke them down till they were around 30% of their opacity and red, light blue and purple remain as bright.

Dazed Digital: What about the kaleidoscope patterns?
David David: It's a pattern inspired by Japanese and Ancient Asian geometrics. So it's a pattern I found and I restructured it and built on it so it became something that had more depth. I wanted to also explore more hexagons and seven-sided shapes too.

Dazed Digital: What was the thought process behind the shapes of the garments?
David David: I wanted to make it a bit more elegant and sophisticated this season. A lot of women from the older generation always want to wear David David. They're like "I want to wear your prints but it's all a bit youthful" so I kind of tried to think about that and make people happy. It's still very youthful though as I imagine a broader market wearing these pieces. The collection is a lot more focused and considered.

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