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Cooperative Designs Womenswear S/S10

The knitwear duo's devotion to Bauhaus plays out in a collection celebrating the work of Gunta Stolz.

The presentation and collection of Cooperative Designs' S/S 10 collection was all in honour of the Bauhaus movement which has always played into their collections resulting in a discernable signature of knitwear that is instantly recognisable. This season, Annalisa Dunn and Dorothee Hagemann took inspiration from the only female Master from the Bauhaus School, Gunta Stolz whose piece 'The S CHore Weave' encouraged them to look to more complicated techniques this season. "We spent a long time researching different fabrics and different yarns to make more exquisite fabrics. We 've started working with Italian knitwear who's been working with Walter van Beirendonck on his knitwear for 17 years and they love doing creative things."

Their own knitting ambitions have been paired up with collaborators like Juliet Hulme, a couture weaver who helped them develop a specific hand woven fabric that gradiates in blocks from a solid wool to a thin organza fabric. The shapes still continue to play with angular pattern cutting and elements like zippers and crochet seams add structure to fabric that is also intentionally left to roll up on its own accord. Jewellery has again been made in collaboration with Corrie Williamson whose wood and plastic aesthetic fits perfectly with the collection.

Below is a film to accompany the presentation that was meant to show a mood of the collection and of course to give Bauhaus a dreamy birthday party.

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