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Instagram @wfhfits working from home outfits looks corona

New IG @wfhfits wants to see your working-from-home lewks

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The late Karl Lagerfeld may have once called sweatpants ‘a sign of defeat’, but if you were to ask fashion editors Sara McAlpine and Steff Yotka, and style writer Rachel Seville Tashjian their opinion, it’s highly likely they’d be inclined to disagree. 

As countries around the world began closing their borders and imploring people to self-isolate at home in a bid stop the spread of what is surely 2020’s biggest (and worst) trend so far — COVID-19, obvs — the three founded new IG @wfhfits late last week. Dedicated to the looks being served by people settling in to their new working-from-home lives, there are also appearances from old pros who had the practice down long ago. 

Naturally, with comfort paramount as you make your way between the sofa, the kitchen table, and the fridge (no, nothing new has appeared since the last time you looked) approximately 4,376 times a day, outfits based around a pair of well-loved sweats feature heavily across the grid. And what a basis they provide.

Baby pink and black joggers are matched with smiley slogan tees and tye-dyed, oversized hoodies, while three-stripe adidas trackies find themselves finished off with boxy blazers, plaid shirts, and the odd kitten-heel for a bit of much-needed glam-muh. 

Elsewhere, in a post courtesy of our very own Emma Hope Allwood, Aries’ pastel splattered ‘No Problemo’ pants are finished with an equally #aesthetic pink smoothie — proving that, while we may actually have a few big problemos on our hands right now, there’s no reason our fit need be one of them. 

Amassing over 3,000 followers in less than a week, each day brings a steady stream of more submissions, which offer not just a good look at what people opt to wear in the comfort of their own home, but also a little reassurance that, however difficult or scary you might be finding all of this, you’re certainly not alone. 

Hit follow and submit your own fit here, and check out the gallery above.