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Virgil Abloh
Photography Yu Fujiwara

Want some Virgil Abloh jewellery? You’ll have to fill out a questionnaire

‘I want it to feel very old school. It’s bespoke’

Virgil Abloh’s presence in the fashion world has continued to provoke and challenge the status quo. From his collections at his own label Off-White, to his work as menswear artistic director at Louis Vuitton, and his many many other professional pursuits, the designer has never really done things by the book. 

And it seems that ethos isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, with the creative’s latest venture – an office-inspired jewellery line – only available to those who fill out a questionnaire. 

“I decide where these pieces will go on a case-by-case basis,” Abloh told Vogue. “I want it to feel very old school. It’s bespoke.” 

Entitled “Office Supplies”, the collection will comprise diamond encrusted paper clips fashioned as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Ranging from £2,300 to £56,000, the objects will come in yellow, white or rose-gold, with white or yellow diamonds.

Explaining that he sees the jewellery as more of an art piece than a fashion object, Abloh says, “The consumer can value it as if they’re owning a special piece from my studio rather than, say, a pair of trainers.”

The line has been made in collaboration with Jacob & Co, and was born from Abloh’s desire to create something reminiscent of the bling era (circa mid-1990s to mid-2000s), while playing on his memories of making necklaces out of paper clips when he was younger. 

“(This is) a modernist take on fine jewellery,” he explains. “Purely from a sentiment of being obsessed with adornment and making necklaces out of paperclips in school during my childhood.” 

Although we don’t know said questionnaire will look like, or what you may be asked to obtain one of the soon to be coveted pieces, we can all amuse ourselves in the meantime by taking a guess. Odds on a question surrounding the imminent death of streetwear?